Renamed or deleted AD user prevents work item to save

by Ewald Hofman 31. August 2009 00:43
When a user is removed from AD, all work items the user has created and/or changed can't be saved anymore. To overcome this issue, you can do the following Step Description 1 Download the TFS 2008 power tools from [More]


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GDR R2 database projects

by Ewald Hofman 21. August 2009 06:51
A collegue asked me to help him out with his database deployment on the build server. In the past I did that before, with a lot of strugle and thought that using the same script could be simple applied to make it happen. Of course it didn't work out in that way. In my quest to solve the problem, I f... [More]

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VSTS 2008

Useful usage of MS Project

by Ewald Hofman 17. August 2009 06:27
Problem When I heard from TFS the first time in 2005 I was very delighted to see the MS Project integration with TFS. When starting my first project in TFS, I immediately started to use MS Project to plan the project. Finally I was able to see what the impact would be for the project and also use i... [More]


VSTS 2008 | Work items

Configure TFS portal afterwards

by Ewald Hofman 13. August 2009 08:47
Update #1 January 8th, 2010: There is an updated post on this topic for Beta 2: I created a new Team Project in TFS 2010 Beta 1 and choose not to configure SharePoint during the creation of the Team Project. Of co... [More]


Portal | VSTS 2010

Make the description field formattable

by Ewald Hofman 4. August 2009 05:41
By default the description field in the work item definition (for example the Task work item), is plain text. To modify the type of the field to Html, you have to do the following: Step Action 1 Open the command prompt (Run as Administrator) 2 Go to the folder %Program Files%... [More]


VSTS 2008 | VSTS 2010 | Work items

Add roles to the assigned To field

by Ewald Hofman 4. August 2009 01:28
When you create a new work item, you don't always know who exactly should pick up the work. In that case you want to introduce a role to the work item's assigned to field. To do this, you have to make a modification to the work item: Step Action 1 Open the command prompt (Run as Admi... [More]


VSTS 2010 | Work items

Change the file masks that are excluded by Source Control

by Ewald Hofman 2. August 2009 22:32
When you add files to Source Control, some of the files are excluded automatically, such as dll files.   You can change the default setting by modifying one of the following registry keys: Per-User: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\<version>\TeamFoundation\SourceControl\AddOpt... [More]


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