Free download of TFS Work Item Manager & TFS Project Dashboard

by Ewald Hofman 9. September 2009 11:26
Inspired by agile development methodologies, these two free applications have been designed to make working with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server faster and easier. By promoting robust yet flexible project management practices, TFS Work Item Manager Beta and TFS Project Dashboard Beta allow ... [More]


VSTS 2010 | Work items

Use Powershell to execute a TFS console app for each team project

by Ewald Hofman 7. September 2009 23:18
I wanted to remove one of the field mappings for MS Project for all team projects. Of course I could create a simple batch file and then retrieve all team project names from somewhere and copy the command several times. But as a real IT guy: I am lazy. So I wanted to automate the process. Of course... [More]


VSTS 2008

Visual Studio Code Analysis Performance

by Ewald Hofman 6. September 2009 23:39
Doug Holland posted a very nice suggestion to improve the performance of Code Analyze. Bottom line is to add an option to only analyze the code files that have been checked out. If you like the suggestion, please vote on Microsoft Connect: [More]

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VSTS 2010

Side by side installation of TypeMock on the build server

by Ewald Hofman 2. September 2009 05:41
When you are in a situation where you develop applications that are tightly integrated with other systems, you want to have multiple tests such as the unit test, the system test, the integration test and the user acceptance test. You want the unit test to only bring a class under test, without havin... [More]

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Team Build | VSTS 2008

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