Check in violations

by Ewald Hofman 15. March 2010 06:18
Update August 5 2010: Added the version for 2010 (thanks to Mattias Sköld) In Visual Studio anyone can override the check-in policies. This is a good thing, because otherwise sometimes it would be impossible to check in files (for example due to a bug in the checkin policy, or to any very extr... [More]


DevDays NL 2010

by Ewald Hofman 11. March 2010 21:16
The Dutch version of the DevDays will be this year on March, 30 and March, 31. One of the main topics in the event is Visual Studio 2010. A group of the Dutch MVP’s, the InnerCircle partners and some Microsoft consultants will do a track of 9 (!) sessions to bring you up to speed with the new pr... [More]


TFS SDK 2010 – Part 6 – Replace text in all Work Item Query Definitions

by Ewald Hofman 9. March 2010 04:20
Updates 19-3-2010: Added the possibility to change the queries in a specific folder When you work iterative, you might just want to replace your current release or iteration in the query definitions, instead of creating a bunch of new queries. This post shows you how you can perform a quick an... [More]



Eaglestone: the new TFS plugin for Eclipse

by Ewald Hofman 3. March 2010 20:56
Not long ago, Microsoft announced it had acquired Teamprise. The team does enormous work to transform the Teamprise products into Microsoft branded products. The product has the code name Eaglestone. The first beta version is now available for download.


Supported platforms for the Test Manager 2010

by Ewald Hofman 3. March 2010 04:42
In the test manager, you can plan and execute test cases. When you execute a test case you can record the steps you perform on the user interface. The product team did a great job on the platforms they support, but not everything is (fully) supported. If you want to know what is supported, you can f... [More]


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