Blogging about code fragments and format them nicely, also in RSS feeds

by Ewald Hofman 8. June 2010 02:04
I have been searching a long time for the best way to add C# code fragments to my blog posts. I have tried Manoli for quite some while, which I learned from Henry Cordes. But if you use that, the RSS feeds really s#ck. So I switched to screen shots in my latest posts to have an easy way to present ... [More]


Customize Team Build 2010 – Part 10: Include Version Number in the Build Number

by Ewald Hofman 1. June 2010 11:07
In the series the following parts have been published Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Add arguments and variables Part 3: Use more complex arguments Part 4: Create your own activity Part 5: Increase AssemblyVersion Part 6: Use custom type for an argument Part 7: How is the custom assembl... [More]


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