When runs a product out of support?

by Ewald Hofman 14. April 2011 07:29
That is a question I get regularly from customers. Microsoft has a great site where you can find that information. Unfortunately this site is not easy to find, and a lot of people are not aware of this site. A good reason to promote it a little. So if you ever get a question on this topic, go to ht... [More]


Dutch Techdays 2011 in The Hague

by Ewald Hofman 8. April 2011 02:41
Microsoft organizes at April 27, 28 and 29 the Dutch Techdays in The Hague. Already for 14 years this is the biggest Microsoft event in The Netherlands where you get the chance to get up to speed with the latest technology with speakers all over the world. I have the pleasure to provide you with two... [More]


Customize Team Build 2010 – Part 16: Specify the relative reference path

by Ewald Hofman 6. April 2011 05:56
In the series the following parts have been published Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Add arguments and variables Part 3: Use more complex arguments Part 4: Create your own activity Part 5: Increase AssemblyVersion Part 6: Use custom type for an argument Part 7: How is the custom assembl... [More]


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