TF203071: Cannot branch anymore after the migration to TFS 2010

by Ewald Hofman 19. September 2010 23:37

After we have migrated our TFS 2008 servers to TFS 2010, some teams had trouble with creating their branches. They were sure that they were able to create the branches in TFS 2008. They received the following error message.


Diving deeper into the problem, I found out that on that path a Branch folder was created.


A question to the product team gave the following hint:

We have introduced the concept of “branches” as first class entities in 2010. Since we didn’t have this concept in 2008, the upgrade tries to detect your branch roots by using a heuristic, it can go wrong in cases. In those cases you need to remove the incorrect branch roots using the method specified below and specify the correct branch root.

You can resolve the issue by converting the branch folder to a normal folder. You can find this command in the menu of Visual Studio: File -> Source Control -> Branching and Merging -> Convert to Folder


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