Automatically connect to TFS under another user account

by Ewald Hofman 21. May 2009 12:57

When you make a connection to TFS with the Team Explorer, it will try to connect with your current credentials to the TFS environment. There are two scenarios in which you want something else:

1) You current identity has no access to TFS and you are prompted for the credentials every time you make a connection to TFS

2) Your current identity has access to TFS, but you want to connect to TFS with other credentials.

You can achieve this by adding the credentials you want to use to create the connection to TFS to the "Stored users and passwords". Just add in there the address of you TFS server and the credentials. The next time you access TFS, those credentials will be used.

[UPDATE: September 9th, 2009]
In Windows 7, you can find the stored credentials under "Manage Windows Credentials".



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