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by Ewald Hofman 6. November 2009 13:28

On of the pillars of TFS 2010 is the “No More No Repro”. This statement is based on the exceptional tooling to improve the communication and information hand-over between the developer and the tester. The tooling that is used is the IntelliTrace (aka Historical Debugging) and the Test Center.

The Test Center is heavily based on the Test Case work item. That work item contains the steps for the test case, which are shown when executing the test case.


That is very nice, but what to do with all those test cases that we have already defined in other applications. And what to do with testers who does not want to leave their own tooling, such as Excel. For those situation, Microsoft has created a Test Case Importer tool on Codeplex. This post shows you what you can expect from that importer.

You can download the importer from:

When you first start the importer you will see the following screen


The importer will guide you through a couple of steps to give enough information how and what to import. In this post the following sheet is used as example.


First it asks the destination of the test steps.


Then the wizard asks for the destination. This is a combination of the TFS Server, the team project and the work item type.


The next step is to create a mapping between the columns in Excel and the fields in the work item


In the Data Mapping step you have the possibility to create a mapping between values in Excel and lists in the TFS work item, for example for the Priority field.

When you then start the import, a progress dialog appears


When the importer is ready, you have created for each row a new test case work item which you can use to do the further testing.

I am very satisfied that Microsoft has provided a tool to import test cases that were created in the past. Can’t wait to convert all those test cases in the excellent TFS 2010 environment and make my product very stable.


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