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There is a lot of community effort to extend the TFS environment. There is an huge amount of projects on CodePlex around. I will collect the interesting projects for you over here. If you have a recommendation for a new project, I am happy to add it to the list.




Team For Word Team For Word to easily generate documents qualities based on a reliable system is Team Foundation Server (version 2008 or 2010). Some believe that this feature remains at the level of functional specifications but TFW is thought to interact further with TFS.
TFS Deployer

TFS Deployer enables the Team Build's Quality field in Team Foundation Server to be used to trigger a PowerShell script to be executed to automatically deploy a build to multiple environments.

Team Deploy Deploy MSIs from TFS Team Build 2010 using these custom activities. This collection of activities include everything you need to deploy cilent apps to multiple PCs and windows services to Servers.
Team Build 2010 Contributions for TFS

Team Build 2010 Contributions provides a place for build engineers to share workflow activities, build process template files, and tools for TFS Build 2010.

TeamReview - TFS Code Review The most complete solution for Team System Code Reviews: a specific work item type and a Visual Studio add-in for a completely in IDE code review experience. TeamReview exploits the advantages of Team System and VSX to reduce waste and surface new business value from code reviews
Team Foundation Server Administration Tool The TFS Administration Tool allows Team Foundation Server administrators to manage user permissions on all three platforms utilized by Team Foundation Server: Team Foundation Server, SharePoint, and SQL Server Reporting Services. The tool also allows administrators to easily copy user permissions among team projects and to easily identify any missing permissions on any of the three platforms.
Custom Controls for TFS Work Item Tracking Custom controls is a feature in TFS. It allows customer developed controls to be hosted in work item form. Those controls can implement various business logics or add additional functionality to work with the workitemform
TFS Scorecard TFS Scorecard gives you insight in your own TFS environment and your organizations Team System adaptation. You can see trends i activities, source control, workitem tracking as well as the overall adaptation in your organization.

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