Service packs, Feature packs, Power tools and hotfixes

Microsoft wants to be able to ship the new features in a faster cadence and uses therefor different shipping vehicles. The list is getting long, so I started to gather the available extensions I am aware of. If you have new extensions shipped by Microsoft that is not in the list, please contact me.

Feature Packs


Name Link

Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack (MSDN Subscribers Only)

Visual Studio 2010 Feature Pack 2 (MSDN Subscribers Only)
Cumulative feature pack that extends testing, code visualization and modeling capabilities in Visual Studio 2010.


Power tools


Name Link
Team Foundation Server Power Tools September 2010
Productivity Power Tools October
Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio


Hot fixes


Name Link
After you upgrade to TFS 2010, labels are missing items or merge operations perform incorrectly
A file does not download from an IIS 7.5 server that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2
Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management
TFS 2010 "The Iteration dates are not valid" error after upgrade to SQL 2008 R2
Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Video Data Adapter
Crashes and memory leaks in MTM causing data and productivity loss
Fix for scrolling unnecessarily in VS context menus

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