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by Ewald Hofman 9. July 2009 00:55

A frequently heard complaint about using the time fields in the work item is that there is already another system in the organization to enter the working hours in. Using the time fields in the work item would mean a double time management system, which can be out of sync.

To come around this, I created a new report that reads from the work items how many hours a developer has entered for a specific day. The report you can use is attached to the blog.

Time Entry.rdl (18.21 kb)


Reporting | VSTS 2008


7/17/2009 7:23:54 AM #



Is this report for SSRS 2005 or 2008?


Burt Canada |

7/21/2009 5:19:42 AM #

Ewald Hofman

This is for SSRS 2005

Ewald Hofman Netherlands |

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