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by Ewald Hofman 21. August 2009 06:51

A collegue asked me to help him out with his database deployment on the build server. In the past I did that before, with a lot of strugle and thought that using the same script could be simple applied to make it happen. Of course it didn't work out in that way. In my quest to solve the problem, I found some advise to update the GDR R2 release of Visual Studio for Database Professionals ( There were some minor issues when updating the database project that I want to share with you.

  1. Install the DB Pro GDR R2 on your local machine and on the build server

  2. Open your solution. A wizard pops up and asks you to upgrade your solution. Walk through the wizard

  3. When the wizard finished, open the project properties of the database project

  4. Change the Deploy action in the Deploy tab to "Create a deployment script (.sql)"

  5. Build your solution

  6. Reset the Deploy action to "Create a deployment script (.sql) and deploy to the database"

  7. Open the Configuration Manager. You can find that in the build Menu Item.

  8. Open the configuration dropdown for the database (which has the value Default) and choose the option <New>

  9. Create a new configuration Debug and a new configuration Release. Be aware that you copy the settings from Default and that you uncheck the checkbox "Create New Solution Configurations"

  10. Close the dialog, so you return to the Configuration Manager

  11. Form the Configuration dropdown, now select <Edit>, and delete the Default configuration

  12. Choose in the dropdown in the topleft corner of the Configuration Manager for the "Active solution configuration" the value Debug

  13. Ensure that the value for the Configuration dropdown is set the Debug, and the Build and Deploy checkboxes are checked.

  14. Change the "Active solution configuration" to Release

  15. Ensure that the value for the Configuration dropdown is set the Release, and the Build and Deploy checkboxes are checked.

  16. Save the modifications

  17. Go the project properties of your database project.

  18. Change the Configuration to Release, to set the properties for the release configuration

  19. Change the Target connection string to the database that should be used by the build server.

  20. Save your changes


When you have a team build configured, your database project will be deployed in the Release configuration. You don't have to add anything else to make the deployment of the database project happening through the build server. 


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