TFS 2010 Beta 2 has a Go Live license

by Ewald Hofman 5. October 2009 06:16

TFS 2010 beta 2 will arrive very soon. This version is very stable, and Microsoft is very confident so it is giving a Go Live license to all customers. You can find more details on the blog of Brian Keller. The blog says:

"But the best news is that beta 2 of Team Foundation Server 2010 will have a “go live” license, meaning that you can use it for your day-to-day application building" 

In my opinion Microsoft has done a great job with TFS 2010. There are awesome features that will drive me nuts when I have to use TFS 2005/2008 in the future :). So grab the copy of Beta 2 when it arrives and start using it to your software development process. Make use of the greatness of:

  1. Testing features
  2. Historical debugging
  3. Hierarchical work items
  4. Improved reports
  5. Excel reporting
  6. and much more

You can find guidance at:

I feel very lucky to live in a time where the TFS tooling gets so beautiful :)



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