Modifying Work Item Types in TFS 2010

by Ewald Hofman 6. November 2009 04:56

In TFS 2008 there is the process template editor to change the work items, or you were able to use the WitImport and WitExport for command line.

In TFS 2010 the process template editor is not arrived yet, so you are stuck with the command line tools, but where are the WitImport and WitExport? In TFS 2010, those applications are consolidated into the WitAdmin console application (in %Program Files%\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE). The WitAdmin console application is far richer then in TFS 2008. When asking for the help on the WitAdmin you will see that it supports the following commands:

  • changefield
  • deactivatelinktype
  • deletefield
  • deletelinktype
  • destroygloballist
  • destroywi
  • destroywitd
  • exportcategories
  • exportgloballist
  • exportlinktype
  • exportwitd
  • help
  • importcategories
  • importgloballist
  • importlinktype
  • importwitd
  • indexfield
  • listfields
  • listgloballist
  • listlinktypes
  • listwitd
  • reactivatelinktype
  • rebuildcache
  • renamewitd

The commands I am interested in now are ImportWitd and ExportWitd. First we have to download the work item type with the following command WitAdmin ExportWitd. Asking for help on that topic gives the following information:

Usage: witadmin exportwitd /collection:collectionurl /p:project /n:typename [/f:filename] [/e:encoding] [/exportgloballists]

When you want to modify the Task work item type in the project collection “DefaultCollection” on the TFS server “MyTfsServer” and the project “Agile project” you can enter the following command:

witadmin exportwitd /collection:”http://MyTfsServer:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection” /p:”Agile project” /n:Task /f:”c:\temp\Task.xml”

You can now make modifications to the work item type, just as you would do in TFS 2008 ( When you are ready, it is time to upload or import the xml file again. To do that you can use the ImportWitd command, which gives the following help:

Usage: witadmin importwitd /collection:collectionurl [/p:project] /f:filename [/e:encoding] [/v]

To actually import the work item type into the same environment as you exported it from, you can use the following command.

witadmin importwitd /collection:”http://MyTfsServer:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection” /p:”Agile project” /f:”c:\temp\Task.xml”


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