Lap around TFS 2010 on DotNed on November 26th

by Ewald Hofman 9. November 2009 05:16

I am very excited to show the latest and greatest that is available in TFS 2010. Hassan Fadili from the VSTS track in the DotNed community user group and MVP Team System has asked me to do together with him a presentation on this topic. Most of the new things in TFS 2010 will be shown:

  • Administration / Setup
  • Workitem Tracking
  • Build Management
  • Reporting
  • Test Management
  • VS2010 Architect (UML Integratie)

The session will be at November 26th in Schiphol Rijk. If you are interested in this topic and get up-to-speed very quickly on tooling that will available for you in a few months, please join the session

For the full invitation see


VSTS 2010


11/9/2009 8:03:56 AM #

Clemens Reijnen

will be there...

Clemens Reijnen Netherlands |

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