Allow in TFS 2010 Team Query contributions by non-Project Administrators

by Ewald Hofman 13. November 2009 05:34

Team Queries are a great way to share queries over the team. In TFS 2008 you had to have the role of a Project Administrator to create Team Queries. Since Project Administrators can do much more, such as the adding and removing users to the team project and change the Team Project settings, you do not want to give everybody this role. In TFS 2008 you had to find workarounds to share the query with the team, such as storing it in SharePoint, saving it as a file, or by sending over the query string.

In TFS 2010, you can now adjust this yourself. By default, only the Project Admin is able to add, modify and delete Team Queries.

To adjust this, open the context menu on the folder you want to change.


Select the Security option. This shows you a dialog in which you can adjust the security for this folder.


You can for example create a `Shared Queries´ folder. You want to allow that the Contributors can add new Team Queries. You can do that by selecting the Contributor role in the upper list, and then check the Contribute permission on the lower list.


Press OK, and we are one big happy family again that is able to share our valuable information.


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4/26/2010 1:00:14 PM #

Mike Parks

Thanks man! I didn't even realize security was an option on those folders until I read this.

Mike Parks United States |

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