TFS Sidekicks minor release update (2.4)

by Ewald Hofman 15. November 2009 08:39

When you are an administrator of a TFS environment, TFS Sidekicks helps you out a lot. Of course you can get all information with the command line tools, but I want to use the useful storage in my head for other things than remembering command line arguments.

Features that are included in TFS Sidekicks are, I most use are:

  • Workspace sidekick
  • Status sidekick

With the Workspace sidekick you can list all workspaces that are in the system, and filter them. This is extremely useful when a computer is recycled to another user, and the previous user of the computer did not delete all his workspaces. Since one computer can only have one mapping to a directory, the second user cannot create a workspace mapping to the directory, which is recommended to use at the company. You can now easily search for all workspace that are in use by the user that left the company and remove those workspaces.

As an administrator, I often get the request that user, who has left the building or who is enjoying the sun very much, has a file checked out and that checkout have to be made undone. With the Status sidekick you can easily search for the file. On the file you found, you have the option to undo the changes.

The new version of Sidekicks is the last one that is targeted for TFS 2005 and TFS 2008. The next version (expected end 2009), which targets the TFS 2010 (beta 2) version, can be expected at the end of the year 2009. The minor release contains the following:


  • Labels Sidekick: Support filtering by file extension in Labels Comparison window
  • Code Review Sidekick: Check-in policy violation indication shown next to changesets in a list
  • Workspace Sidekick: Support ability to save list of found workspaces
  • New Users View Sidekick: Show searchable list of user names and user display names in TFS Valid Users group

Bug fixes

  • BUGFIX VS Integration (Dynamic History): exception thrown when viewing history on pending adds
  • BUGFIX Code Review Sidekick: Changeset/Work Item selection dialogs do not keep last set of parameters set
  • BUGFIX Code Review Sidekick: When all changesets selected, the list of changesets is not scrollable
  • BUGFIX Labels Sidekick: Multiple selection of labels in list does not work with keyboard
  • BUGFIX Labels Sidekick: Labels Comparison is out of sync for certain label content
  • BUGFIX Status Sidekick: Undoing changes on root node ($\) causes an exception


VSTS 2008


11/15/2010 9:07:19 AM #


TFS Sidekicks for TFS 2010 Beta 2

TFS Sidekicks for TFS 2010 Beta 2

Ewald Hofman |

4/17/2011 9:10:28 PM #

Adesivo U

You tell me if this TFS Sidekicks can be found for free download? thanks for the post, was wondering more about the program! congratulations on your blog!

Adesivo U Brazil |

12/21/2016 6:03:18 AM #


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