OLAP PivotTable Extensions – your MDX reporting help

by Ewald Hofman 7. December 2009 01:48

In TFS you can create your own reports based on the Analysis warehouse. In order to be able to query the cube, you need to use the MDX language. This language is not very intuitive for someone who is used to query transactional databases, since you now have to deal with cubes, slices, facts and measures.

When you use Excel, you case easily query the Analysis warehouse. Excel will create the MDX query for you. There is a nice tool on CodePlex that gives you the ability to see the MDX query that Excel uses. You can find the tool at http://www.codeplex.com/OlapPivotTableExtend

You have now the power of the usability of Excel and the layout formatting of Reporting Services.

Go make a great impression on your boss!


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