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by Ewald Hofman 15. March 2010 06:18

Update August 5 2010: Added the version for 2010 (thanks to Mattias Sköld)

In Visual Studio anyone can override the check-in policies. This is a good thing, because otherwise sometimes it would be impossible to check in files (for example due to a bug in the checkin policy, or to any very extreme scenario). But you want to keep track of who and why the policies are violated. This report, which you can install on your reporting server, shows you these violations.

When I installed it after one year, it gave me very nice comments the users have put into there :)

For TFS 2008: Check-In_Policy_Violation.rdl (41.66 kb)

For TFS 2010: Check-In_Policy_Violation2010.rdl (42.15 kb)



5/24/2011 3:04:56 PM #


Ewald -
I am not at all familiar with SSRS or SSAS. I am just trying to get this awesome RDL (many thanks to you) to show report of all team members who have violated check-in policy. I have been successful in getting through the first few hurdles (upload rdl, change datasources, rebuild reports after fixing permissions and I am even able to get a report to see all the violations). now I am trying to filter "Checked in by" parameter for 2010 version but the drop-down list is empty and I looked at SSAS and I dont see a dimension for "Checked in by" (which seems like the issue)... I want to be able to filter this report by Team Project (within collections) and additional by Checked-In field. Any pointers please?

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1/9/2017 2:48:06 AM #


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