Project Server Integration for TFS 2010 CTP released

by Ewald Hofman 5. July 2010 07:22

Microsoft has released a public CTP for the integration with Project Server. You can download the HyperV images at

This community technical preview of Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server 2010 Integration allows teams to share data between the two servers. This virtual machine includes enterprise project plans in Project Server mapped to team projects in Team Foundation Server, along with sample data to highlight key integration scenarios. The walkthrough documents provide four scenarios that simulate the interactions between the project manager, working in Project Server, and the software development team, working in Team Foundation Server.
The value of Project Server and Team Foundation Server integration is to provide up-to-date project status and resource availability across agile and formal teams; help project managers track high-level requirements and allow the team lead to manage the details; and permit project managers to live in Project Server and manage projects across the enterprise while development team leads live in Team Foundation Server and manage their software development project. With this tool, the Project Management Office (PMO) is able to plan, collaborate and track real-time progress made by formal or agile teams.
This virtual machine is running Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition R2. It contains a full installation of Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Project Server 2010, with Office 2010 and all necessary prerequisites. All Windows Updates as of April 16, 2010 have been applied.

You can also use Free Download Manager to download the files:

  1. Install Free Download Manager
  2. Copy the following lines to your clipboard
  3. Start the command “Import list of URLs from clipboard” to start the download of all files


Errors while extracting

If you have problems with the extraction of the files, you can download the checksums (en_tfs2010_projectserver2010_connector_ctp_hyperv_vm.xml) from the CTP download site and the fciv file (;en-us;841290). Then run the following command fciv -v -xml en_tfs2010_projectserver2010_connector_ctp_hyperv_vm.xml.

It shows you then the file that is corrupt, so you can download it again



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